François Toubol

People ∩ Products ∩ Technology


“It is not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.”
-Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I put my heart to work building, supporting and optimizing high performance Product & Engineering teams. Together, we write software that meets for consumers' and businesses' needs, and help make the world a better place.

I first fell in love with writing software on 1985's Atari 520 ST and have taken part in multiple SaaS startups from founding to exit. I currently serve as CTO for Chill and Livly where I bring 20 years of experience as a SaaS executive, entrepreneur and software engineer. I also serve as a board member on the Chicago CTO Group, and as an Advisor for multiple early stage startups. I have lived on 3 continents and look at diversity as a key to success.

The purpose that drives me is to listen, help and contribute to the growth of those whom I work with, while gratefully learning from each interaction. I focus on creating and communicating an empowering mission alignment, then supporting and enabling our teams, placing emphasis on a culture of transparent feedback and clear accountability. When a team is inspired to thrive and take ownership to deliver their very best results, the rest follows: happy and engaged customers, healthy and growing companies


“Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you.”
-Aldous Huxley

6/2019 – Present



Focus: SaaS strategy / Team scaling onsite, Chile & Russia
Stack: Kotlin / Swift / React / Redux / .NET / Azure

Livly is an integrated platform that unites communities, equips staff members with Livly superpowers, and caters residents with a digital remote control for their Livly home. Staff members deliver Livly experiences and residents love their Livly home. #BeLivly

4/2019 – Present

Chill Meditation

Advisor, CTO

Focus: SaaS strategy & capital raise / Ukraine team building
Stack: React Native / Vue / Node / Postgres / AWS (ECS/RDS)

Chill has developed a modern approach to meditation. No chanting, no dogmas, no incense. Our mission is to help people live less stressed, more mindful lives.

6/2018 – Present

Chicago CTO Group

Board Member, Organization

Focus: Organization / Sponsorship / 501.c3 filing

The Chicago CTO Group is a private network of over 200 software executives who exchange ideas, share experiences, help each other and the Chicago technology community stay one of the top technology hubs in the world.

3/2010 – 6/2019

SVP, Technology

Focus: Co-founding to exit / Team building / SaaS capital raise
Stack: React / Redux / .NET / AWS (EC2/Lambda/Glue/Redshift)

Get found. Get chosen. Get better. ™ helps large multi-location businesses monitor and improve their reputation, and optimize customer experience – online and onsite. acquired SIM Partners on 3/1/2018

9/2002 – 6/2012

Epsilon Force

Founder, CTO

Focus: Founding to exit / Team building
Stack: .NET

Epsilon develops market shifting platform technology for airlines and banks, such as Delta Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, Citi Group and Mastercard


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”
-Benjamin Franklin

1994 – 1999


Master of Computer Science

Paris, France

Master of Computer Science, Information Systems. 6 months abroad partnership in Chile at Universidad de la Frontera.

Triligual English, Spanish and French


I am grateful for the chance to build relationships with inspiring characters, to grow with what they share with me, and am deeply humbled by their appreciation.

Adam Dorfman, Co-Founder, SIM Partners

“Francois' continued growth as a leader of our organization has proven to be fundamental to enabling SIM Partners to meet its technology and product goals. His leadership style has continued to evolve towards allowing other people to shine and contribute. At the same time, he is always willing to dive into any task immediately if it is necessary to make our clients satisfied. His style of communication has improved tremendously over the past five years to the point that the word "transformative" would be appropriate.”

Marcelo Rybertt, CTO, Morris & Opazo

“Francois is not just a successful professional, he's also a great human being, a natural leader, team player and a resourceful engineer, with a keen sense of business and proven knowledge of technology. I'm always happy to embark on a new project with him, as his presence in the team is synonym of success, professionalism and new opportunities for growth and learning.”

Jay Lawrence, SVP, Publicis Media

“Francois is an adept individual contributor as well as team leader. He possesses the technical skills and business knowledge to approach software development projects in a clear and unified manner. I worked with Francois on a variety of both long term and short term projects and he always delivered on time and produced high quality functional work.”